#239 T. Rex – Electric Warrior

Electric Warrior is the second album from T. Rex. The band changed their sound in 1970 and their name Tyrannosaurus Rex to T. Rex. I have heard a bit from this band. Every time I hear a song from them I think I will actively seek out more, but never do. Now, I have that opportunity. A bit of history for this album is that it was recorded in the same studio as David Bowie’s Hunky Dory which is next on the list. In fact, T. Rex finished recording in June and Bowie started in June.

It rocks out the minute the music begins with “Mambo Sun“. This is my song. I liked it the moment I heard the first beat.

Cosmic Dancer” is an awesome song that I know from the film Billy Elliot. I have seen the film a few times. The film was very inspirational to me. It’s story is about a father who lets his son take ballet even though he might get bullied. I wish I would do the things I want to do and not worry about what others think of me.

Get It On” is the most known song. It has been remade and sampled a few times most notable by The Power Station a supergroup the mid-80s. The original is way better.

This album deserves to be on the list of 1001 Albums… It is definitely a masterpiece. I think T.Rex would be more famous had Marc Bolan and the rest of the band had lived longer. I do not think there was one bad song. 10/10.

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