#240 David Bowie – Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory is one of David Bowie‘s earlier albums that I have never heard all the way through. I think I heard the songs from this on Changesonebowie and Changestwobowie. I think my real knowledge of Bowie came from a girl I used to know named Laura. We were sort of boyfriend and girlfriend for a brief time. Laura loved all things weird which were things I loved, such as Doctor Who, Rocky Horror Picture ShowDavid Bowie and me. Unfortunately, I did not love her. I heard Laura died at the end of 90s or early 2000s giving birth.

The album starts off with the song Changes, which is probably the second song I knew from Bowie. I believe Space Oddity was first. Of many of my favorite singers, Bowie is one who writes real in-depth lyrics. He tells the odd stories.

Oh! You Pretty Things” is the one song that reminds me of Laura because she would sing it to me. She thought I was pretty. I guess many people did, but I called them liars.

Kooks” is the oddest song because it is so normal musically.

I think this is a great album from Bowie, but I wonder if it is better than the other six albums on this list. Somehow I think this might be the lesser of his albums. He was still finding himself as an artist and he would grow so much more throughout the 70s. 9/10.

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