#241 Randy Newman – Sail Away

One person I am not looking forward to hearing is Randy Newman. He ruins every film that his stupid songs are featured in. God, I hate his voice and his lyrics. I will listen to his crappy album Sail Away, but I will hate it. I cannot stand him.

He thinks he knows people. His song “Sail Away” was covered by Bobby Darin just before he died. Newman said,”Bobby Darin could sing, but he did “Sail Away”, and, well… I don’t think he understood it. He did it like was a happy song about coming to America.” And I said, “Or maybe the joke is on you (Newman). Maybe Darrin understood it, but loved America so he made it a happier thing.” He writes song about things and when someone covers it, he states that they do not understand it. What a self-righteous pig.

I hate the album. The only thing good about the album is that the songs are really short. I would give him a point for it, but they are not short enough. My review is short. His score is short of value. 0/10.

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