#242 Todd Rundgren – Something/Anything?

Note from the Editor: Due to circumstances beyond my control this album is out of order. One band has two albums in the list from 1972 so I moved them together and it messed up the order, but only marginally.

Todd Rundgren‘s album Something/Anything? is an album I have heard of because of one song, but I have never heard the album until now. I wonder can it be as good as one song. Rundgren is a bit weird. His appearance does not match the song I know from him. He looks like David Bowie singing a Carpenters’ song. He was one of the first artist to be an artist and producer. He has produced many famous albums.

I was wrong about not knowing more than one song. “I Saw the Light” was his first hit from the album. I did not know it was him.

It is not until we reach “The Night the Carousel Burnt Down” that we realise that Rundgren is a bit stranger than his two hits songs.

Speaking of his hit songs. The one song I knew was from Rundgren was “Hello It’s Me“. It is one of those great classic songs of the 70s. I really like this song. I am happy to listen to it anytime. I can feel the lyrics in my heart.

I read somewhere that his albums after this get progressively weirder and less straightforward ballads. He was doing psychedelic drugs. We will find out when we reach 1973.

I Went To The Mirror” is the weirdest song, yet I like it.

As for this album, it is great. Yes, it is more ballads than I could have ever imagined on an album not by Adele or Neil Diamond for the older crowd. I would listen to it more often now that I have listened to it. It is a long album so you have to be in a certain mood to listen to it all the way through. 9.5/10.

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