#244 Black Sabbath – Vol. 4

I think this is Black Sabbath‘s third album in the list of 1001 AlbumsVol. 4 seems different than the previous albums to me. It is self produced and feels like it has some softer songs. Is this the beginning of heavy metal bands doing a love ballad or a power ballad?

It starts heavy as a Black Sabbath album should with an epic song, a least in length, “Wheels of Confusion” (including The Straightener) and continues to stay heavy with “Tomorrow’s Dreams“.

Changes” changes the tone of the album. Ozzy Osbourne sounds like a hurt man in this powerful ballad with lyrics that speak about my feelings.

“I feel unhappy
I feel so sad
I lost the best friend
That I ever had”


I never thought in a million years that Black Sabbath would have a song for me. Read the comments section on YouTube and you will cry. So many suicides.

But the mellow mood soon evaporates as “Supernaut” hits the speakers. It has been called a favourite by many other artists. The rest of the album is rocking your face off, expect for “Laguna Sunrise“. It is a mellow instrumental. I think “St. Vitus Dance” is my least favourite songs because it sounds like their previous hits.

This is a much better album than their previous ones. I think they are a tighter band at this point in their career. They have been together four years and know each other better. It is still a period where the music is growing. I do not think music is growing anymore. We may have exhausted the sounds of the world. Maybe we will have to boldly go out into the universe to find new sounds. If I had one complainant it would be that I find it hard to hear Osbourne singing so I do not hear his message. 9.2.

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