#246 Neil Young – Harvest

Neil Young‘s Harvest is his third on the list of 1001 Albums… and he has about four more to come in the future. Is that overkill? I am not sure yet. Maybe after I listen to it I can say it is overkill or maybe I will want more. I am happy that I have discovered Young.

The first song “Out on the Weekend” gives me some confidence that this will be a good album. I felt the song was catchy and his vocals are good on it.

The rest of the album goes in and out of greatness. I think I will keep this review short. This album sounds like his previous works. Some of the songs on here fall short of being great. “A Man Needs A Maid” is a bit weird and not every man needs someone else to keep his messes clean. What works is “Heart of Gold“. It is definitely the star of this album. “Old Man” is good. I was excited to listen to this album, but maybe my expectation were too high. 7.9/10.


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