#247 Curtis Mayfield – Super Fly

Curtis Mayfield‘s Super Fly is something that I may have heard of, but I do not think I have ever heard the album. The good thing going for it is that it is funk and soul. I know of Mayfield from other songs, especially that he has written.

The album starts with the soulful “Little Child Runnin’ Wild“. It is a really good tune. I like Mayfield’s vocals. Unfortunately the album does not maintain the appeal of this song. It is a soundtrack so there are instrumentals and theme related songs. It seems as though the editors of the book 1001 Albums… wanted more should and this was a random choice. Are soul and funk albums that inconsistent? the writer of the book seems to believe disco had inconsistent albums, hence the exclusion of disco save a couple. Donna Summer had a great album or two.

Give Me Your Love (Love Song)” sound great, but it is followed up by a song “Eddie You Should Know Better” that seems too theme oriented and taken out of context of the film it loses its purpose.

I think the music is great on the album, but the lyrics are in context of the film are strange and do not always make sense when you are kicking back to listen to some soul music. I do not want to hear about cocaine and stories of junkies. 6/10.

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