#251 Yes – Close to the Edge

Close to the Edge is the third Yes album on this list. This album in lacking something the other albums had; there is a lack of hit song. I like their brand of progressive music more than most of the other bands that have attempted it up to this point in history. One of the keys is Jon Anderson’s vocals. He has the voice that matches this type of music.

Yes seems to like epic songs that are long in tome and titles. The first song “Close to the Edge” has four parts to it. My favourite part is III. “I Get Up, I Get Down“. It makes me feel like I am a weird circus, which has an organ player.

The great of Yes continues on the second epic song “And You and I“. It is a beautiful set well sung by Anderson. The beginning is a bit sad.

This is the best of the three albums from Yes. It has more of a thematic cinematic feeling to it. It took me on a journey and I enjoyed it. I think the last song is okay, but not as great as the rest. 9.3/10.

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