#252 Lou Reed – Transformer

Lou Reed‘s Transformer has one of his most popular or famous songs “Walk On The Wild Side“. I believe most people, especially over 40 plus years have heard of it. Reed has retained his unique style and dived more into the weirdness by having David Bowie as one of the producers. I have only heard of two songs on this album.

Vicious” is a great new song for me. I love the beat; it is super sexy. I think a video would have been super glam, bizarre and stylish.

The songs to skip would be “Andy’s Chest” and “Make Up”.

Perfect Day” is a day I have lived, but it seems so long ago and it seems I will never have another for the rest of my life. Life is so sad. I am not sure how I will hang on.

“Walk On The Wild Side” and the previous song on the album and many other songs from Reed are sexual in nature. It seems to be his “thing” that tells us about who he is and what he likes. This songs reminds me of Laura. I mentioned her earlier. She really loved this song. She would sing it loudly. We were in our teen years, but this song was already old. I think she was another person instrumental in me listening to older music. I was more into whatever was new.

Satellite of Love” has been covered by other artist, but I know it from U2. I have no idea it was a Lou Reed song. I prefer U2’s version because I knew it first. This version has Bowie singing high notes in the background. I think the album starts to go downhill after this song. It is not terrible, but it seems he put the best songs first.

This album from Reed is not Velvet Underground great, but it is good. It has the most iconic song, but one song does not make an album. Fortunately, there are other songs that are really good, but there are at least two stinkers. It is much better than his debut solo album. 8.7/10.


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