#256 Stevie Wonder – Talking Book

I already know that I hate Stevie Wonder‘s music. I think people take pity on him because he is blind. The guy’s voice is terrible. Painstakingly terrible. It is like he does not even try to be a good singer. I am sure I will hate this album Talking Book.

I have to be honest. I did not like it at all. I almost liked a song or two, for example “I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)“, but all he did was repeat the title 110 times. Someone said repetition is the mark of a good teach, or something like that, if so, then Wonder is a great teacher. I am not sure what he was teaching is the problem.

This is not the worst album ever and Wonder is talented as a musician. I just hate his voice and the repeating of lyrics so many times. 4/10.

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