#257 Stephen Stills – Manassas

Stephen Stills is back one more time with Manassas his solo, but not exactly album. It might be the name of the band too. I read conflicting things. He has a lot of his musician friends playing with him on this album. The album is divided into four parts.

Side one – The Raven: This side is more rock and roll. The song that stands out the most is “Jet Set (Sigh)“. There is not a bad song on this side. It is very relaxing.

Side two – The Wilderness: It is not my favorite side. It borders the land of country music too much for me. “So Begins the Task” is one of the better songs. It is sad because I can relate to the lyrics. I have to learn to live without people I love all the time. My life is a lonely place.

Side three – Consider: This side is more about folk and folk rock music. I think this side os okay, but I drifted away during most of it. On the second listen I think I like “Move Around” the best on this side.

Side four – Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay: Yes, it is here to stay. I wish I could hear more on the radio. This side is better than side two and three, but side one is the best. “Blues Man” is a good tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

It is a solid album as far as the musicianship is concerned. I think a double album was too ambitious. It started to lose steam and I had trouble focusing on this one by the time I reached side three. 7.6/10.

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