#258 T. Rex – The Slider

T.Rex is so dramatic and so glam. I really enjoyed the last album so I am anticipating the same feeling. At least, I hope I can have the same feeling. I am enjoying this challenge because I am listening bands and artists that I have wanted to hear more from, but did not make time for them. It is strange what one can accomplish when they put their mind to it. I wish depression worked that way.

Metal Guru” is the first song and it is awesome. I am not sure about the lyrics, but the music is great and the vocals are cool.

The album is great. I think it is difficult to find songs that can be released as singles for this one, but I would choose “Rabbit Fighter” as my favourite.

The album is one of the best albums I have heard on the list. T. Rex is a great band that I wish I had listened to sooner. I like every song on it.  10/10.

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