#259 David Ackles – American Gothic

I have never heard of David Ackles, but I am not alone because chances are you have not heard of him either. His album American Gothic was a failure. If you listen to it you will understand why. It is strange. Maybe the gayest thing ever. It sounds like Neil Diamond and Lawrence Welk’s love child.

I am not sure why this is loved by many artistic people. I guess it is a step into the baroque pop arena, which is more popular now, I am unsure how I feel about it. It is interesting and weird at the same time, I especially like how he sings about Jesus soo dramatically

I am putting a pin in this album for now. It needs to be listened to again. For now, after listening to it twice, I have to move on so I will score it one first impressions and secondly confusion. 6/10.

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