#260 Tim Buckley – Greetings From L.A.

Tim Buckley is back with Greetings From L.A., which is his seventh album. Thus begins his so-called sex funk period leaving his hippie fans behind in their pool of dirt and drugs. This is Buckley’s third and final list in the book of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

“Move With Me”, although upbeat and a good tune, I would not classify it as sexy. Maybe white man sexy, but not really sexy.

Another song about sex. “Get On Top” is explicit about its topic. I suppose I thought sex funk was more about the music and not the lyrics.

Sweet Surrender” is his best vocal. It is sexy and on fire.

I am torn about this album. I gave the previous two Buckley albums 8/10, but I like his voice more on this one, yet I do not like the lyrics as much. It is a good album, but never connects to the listener as his previous works. In the end, I had to look at the whole thing and rate it separately. 7/10.


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