#262 Paul Simon

Paul Simon‘s self-titled second album is his first solo since mid-60s and his first without Art Garfunkel. I have admitted previously to not liking Simon’s vocals so I have little hope for this album. It is terrible that people cannot get along with each other, but we all have ourselves in the way. Simon was able to carry on with Garfunkel.

The first song “Mother and Child Reunion” sounds better than most of his songs, yet it sounds like his other songs to me. I never had a reunion with my mother. She died and I was not able to be there and I had no desire to be there. She started a letter to me, but only wrote one paragraph. Typical. She never finished anything in regard to me. She always left everything open, vague, unresolved, and on and on.

The album kind of sucks. Simon reminds me of Sting when he went solo. Pretentious. He bores me. 4/10.

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