#264 Roxy Music – Roxy Music

Roxy Music is a band I knew of from the 80s, MTV and lead singer Brian Ferry later solo career. I did not know they existed in the early 70s. Their sound has changed a lot. I like their 80s music, but will I like their 70s style of glam rock on their debut album Roxy Music.

Re-Make/Re-Model” sounds like a rocking song from The Velvet Underground, so it is a great way to begin an album. It reminds me of the Talking Heads. I can hear the influence this had on them.

Ladytron” sounds like a spaceship landing, then it sounds like a day at the space rodeo.

If I did not like a song on this album it would be “If There Is Something“. It has a country twang that is irritating to me, but it gets awesome as the song progresses. It is hard to tell where this album and each song will go.

Virginia Plain” was not on the original U.K. version, but it was on the American pressing of the album. The Cars whole career sounds like this song. I love The Cars so this is my favourite song on the album.

This is am amazing masterpiece. I wish I had heard it earlier. I like how eclectic the sounds are on the whole album. Some of the songs are even eclectic within themselves. This is worth listening to if you love great music. 10/10.

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