#265 Alice Cooper – School’s Out

School’s Out is Alice Cooper‘s fifth studio album, a concept album about youth lost after leaving school. Cooper is credited for shaping the sound and look of heavy metal and the use of horror imaginary in his act.

School’s Out” is one of those classic great songs of the 70s. I always listen to it when school is over. It is a great way to kick off an album about graduating high school and being thrust into the world.

This album is pretty easy to listen to until it gets to “Public Animal #9“, yet that is not that terrible of a song. I prefer the music over the singing. It is the song I least like.

One of my favourite songs is “Alma Mater“. I cannot pinpoint why I like it, except it seems different than most of the songs from Cooper. In fact, the album seems to showcase his versatilty as an artist.

This is surprisingly a great album from Alice Cooper. I did not know he was so versatile. He will have another album on this list and I will write a memory about him at that time. 9.2/10.

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