#268 War – The World Is A Ghetto

The World Is A Ghetto is the first War album I have heard, although I have heard of one of the songs, but not often. I had no idea War was a black group. It is not an important fact, just a statement of truth. I am tired of the racial problems in the USA and around the world. We are at war with one another, but we are not each other’s enemies. Why do we not look for the real enemies of the world? 

The Cisco Kid” was not a friend of mine. I am not sure who this kid is, but I did not know him growing up. The song is a story about a 1950s TV program The Cisco Kid. He was a cowboy. I have never hear of the series. It is a fun song.

Other than the terrible English “Where Was You At” is a nice upbeat song.

City, Country, City” begins with church, but it leaves the church behind and takes us to another place.  maybe the other place is the peaceful country side. Wherever we are during this song it is a better place to be. It is a smooth and rhythmic song.

I think the album hits a bump with the title track, but recovers in time to close the album with “Beetles in the Bog“. Oddly, this song reminds me Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk“.

War does more instrumental on the album than singing, at least it feels that way. It may have been that I accidentally listened to 4 previously unreleased CD bonus tracks. It is a good album, it has the upbeat Afro beats, Black tock, and soul that music seemed to be lacking previously. I would like more lyrics. 8.9/10.

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