#269 Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

Let us skip the intro on this one. “Let’s Stay Together” is an iconic song. I am not sure who I heard sing it first, but I imagine it was Al Green, since it was a song my mother loved. I wonder if the album Let’s Stay Together will be as iconic as this song. Green’s vocals are so smooth and pleasant to the ears. The other version of this song that I know better is Tina Turner‘s comeback song in 1983.

So much power and soul in that voice.

Either way, I like both versions of the song and I cannot choose one over the other. When I am sad I listen to Al Green and when I am dancing it is Turner who is moving me.

Green would have six #1 album in a row, but he would convert to Christianity and become ordained as a pastor in the mid-70s. He recorded gospel albums from that point. In the 2000s, Green would return with a series of secular albums.

If you told Green’s version of “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” would be almost as great as the Bee Gees‘ original I would have laughed. I like both versions very much, but I am a bit partial to the original.

Al Green is soul. He drips it all over this album. From beginning to end this album is a masterpiece. “I’ve Never Found a Girl (Who Loves Me Like You Do)” and “Judy” are other highlights on the album. 10/10.

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