#270 The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street

The Rolling StonesExile on Main Street his the last album from them on this list. I find that shocking. This album is very different than their previous works. Gone is the Andy Warhol art, the hot singles and they are swinging it free range. 

Rocks Off” opens the album with a good beat, but it is difficult to make out what Mick Jagger is singing. Maybe “Rip This Joint” or “Shake Your Hips” would have been a better song to open the album. I am not saying either is a better song. The former is a more rambunctious song.

Exile on Main Street sounds like old school Stones. I am not sure it deserves to be listed on the must hear albums. Since this album is so long, I will list a few songs that I like: “Tumbling Dice“, “Sweet Virginia”, “Let It Loose”, “Stop Breaking Down”, and one of the best songs on the album “Shine a Light“.

The album is not an amazing album from the Stones. It is not terrible either. I do not think it adds to the discography anything new, but it gave the band a chance to not worry about making a #1 hit song. They accomplished that goal. I think those who love The Rolling Stones and do not think they can make a bad album, they will love this album. The rest of us will think it is just okay. 6.9/10.

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