#276 Hawkwind – Space Ritual

Space Ritual by space rock group Hawkwind is one band and album I have never heard of before today. I thought as I headed into the 70s I would have heard most of the albums, but the opposite is true. Maybe the 80s will be different. This is a live album and some of the songs are super long.

The album starts of like a sci-fi film. “Earth Calling” is only a short introduction song. Maybe the best song on the album because it is not so long.

Since this is one of the earlier space rock albums I can understand it being on the list of 1001 Album You Must Hear Before You Die. Yet, I do not like it because the songs are too long. It is too easy to drift way and forget I was listening to it. The band is talented so that is a good point for them. It is not like a usual live album with the distraction of applauses. I do like the space sounds. I think I will listen to their studio albums later. 6/10.

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