#279 Lou Reed – Berlin

Berlin is the second solo album and final album from Lou Reed to make an appearance on this list. The album was not received well at the time of release and all plans to make it into a theatrical show were cancelled. It did not have a hit single in the USA. This is a story of a struggle with drug addiction and abuse. Welcome to Berlin!

It starts off with a birthday celebrations in “Berlin“, but it quickly turns into a melancholy piano song. It is hauntingly familiar. It sounds like what my head hears when I am sad, deeply sad. Chaos, then loneliness.

Lady Day” is a sample of Reed’s usual deadpan talking delivery of vocals. I prefer singing over talking in songs. It is a little catchy.

I cannot listen to Reed too long without drifting away. When I fade back in he is usually at the repetitive chorus, which is the catchiest part of his songs.

The Kids” is partly my story. My mother had her children taken away, except for me. I was given away. The feeling of not being wanted haunts everything I do.

Lou Reed is an interested artist. This album was okay, but it failed to have the type of songs that make you want to hear it over and over. That is the failure of a thematic work at times. 7/10.

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