#281 Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

Marvin Gaye‘s “Let’s Get It On” is problem one of the sexist songs ever. Can the album hold up to the reputation of this classic song? I hope so, but I have never heard the whole album Let’s Get It On. Gaye is the King of Soul.

“Let’s Get It On” is the sexiest song ever. I wonder how many babies owe a bit of thanks to Marvin Gaye. This song is dripping with soul and rhythm. 

Every song on this album is great, even the highly sexual “You Sure Love To Ball“. Personally, I do not get it. I hate football. Or does he mean go dancing? Maybe that is why she loves to ball. Either way this song sounds so sexy. I guess dancing makes more sense.

I am surprised that my mother never listened to this album. He is one of the greatest artist ever. I cannot blame her for not listening to it in front of children, but that is not why she did not. She had no filter with films or music. I was subjected to everything as a child, except love and protection.

Gaye was a master at soul music. It is a terrible thing that his father murdered him. He would have made some more great music. His voice is like butter. There has never been another like him. 10/10.

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