#282 John Martyn – Solid Air

John Martyn is not an artist I am familiar with at all. I guess it might be the fact that he was mostly a folk artist. Solid Air is one of two albums on this list. I guess I will get to know him.

This is strange for folk music, but I guess it is folk jazz too. I think it does not fit into that category either. The first song “Solid Air” fits into folk jazz, but “I’d Rather Be the Devil” is more ambient sounding in the second half.

Over The Hill” is a bit more folk, but it sounds great. This is how I feel today knowing I will not be able to go the school for the Master’s program.

The album does sound a bit more folk as it progresses, but it is not terribly intrusive folk music. This is a mellow album with songs like “The Man in the Station” that a smoker would relax to while taking deep drags on their fag.

I am surprised how much I like this album. It does not feel folk nor does it feel jazz. It is a different color horse. I suggest trying out not yourself. 8.3/10.

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