#285 Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters

Head Hunters is Herbie Hancock’s twelfth studio album and his only album in the list of 1001 Albums… The only thing I knew about Hancock was that he had a hot song in the 80s titled “Rockit“. I hated it. I never listened to him again. This is a jazz funk/fusion album.

I have not written much about myself lately, but I will in the future. I think some of the albums on the horizon lend more to details of my life. I feel disconnected at the moment from everything.

Well, I guess I was wrong about Hancock’s music. It is all funky and jazzy and filled with a side of fusion. Head Hunters is a great album to put on if you want to relax or zone out the world. It is only 4 songs, very long songs, but they are not irritatingly long as some songs on some of the previous albums. The only song I would skip is “Watermelon Man“.  I think “Vein Melter” is the best song. 7.5/10.



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