#286 Mott The Hoople – Mott

I have never heard any songs from Mott The Hoople so I have never heard of their album Mott. They sound like David Bowie, but there is a reason for that; Bowie produced their last album All the Young Dudes. Bowie even wrote a song for them to sing. Basically, he saved their career because they were on the verge of breaking up.

The only song that got a little airplay in the USA was “All the Way from Memphis“. It is an okay song, but not that catchy. In fact, the closest to being catchy is “Honaloochie Boogie“. It was a hit in the U.K. I am not sure what a honaloochie is or isn’t.

Violence” is the only song I hate.

I Wish I Was Your Mother” is the second best song. I wish someone was my mother. It feels like everyday is long and alone for me. I feel as though I was sentenced to a life of hell. It does not matter what I try to do it takes a lot of work. Screw you who think just because someone is a white male they have it easy. There is nothing easy about my life. I have to work hard for anything good to happen and even then the good does not come. Ironically, the song after this one on Spotify is “Rose” which was my birth mother’s middle name.

I cannot tell how I feel about this album. I like the music, but the words are hard to understand. It sounds too much like Bowie, yet different. None of the songs really grab me as singles. I usually need a song that keeps me coming back for more. 7/10.


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