#288 Todd Rundgren – A Wizard, A True Star

A Wizard, A True Star is the second album by Todd Rundgren on this list. I did not know that he had so much of an influence on music. I only know one song from him. This album was after he experimented with psychedelic drugs.

Side one of the album is terrible. The songs sound like bits of a soundtrack for a short film. A really bad short film. The drugs he must have taken to make this crap. I do like the music for “Zen Archer” because it sounds like French chanson a bit and “Just Another Onionhead; Da Da Dali” is fun to dance to.

Side two redeems Rundgren, but only a little. The Medley of Motowen songs is good and “Sometimes I Don’t Know What to Feel” is great. That is exactly how I feel. Rundgren is best when he is singing his feeling. He should have stuck to silly love songs and songs about feeling unloved. No, nobody loves me. Nobody ever will. I am alone and I will always be alone.

This is a weird album. Rundgren should have left the drugs to The Beatles and Bob Dylan. 5/10.


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