#292 Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most iconic albums ever. The album remained in the Billboard album chart for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. It returned to the charts later giving it over 900 weeks total. I will not get into the reasons why is it never goes away and why it is thought to have been recorded with The Wizard of Oz to make it sync together. It does not. What makes it iconic is the four lads who recorded it and the sounds they mixed together. It is an almost perfect album, yet with its minor flaw it is a masterpiece. I was far too young for this album when it came out. I discovered it much later in my teen years after my grandmother died.

The album starts with a heartbeat. Is it mine or the albums? Both. The excitement of it all has my heart beating. It is absolutely racing. “I’ve always been mad. I know I’ve been mad.” is one of the lines I could relate to most. I feel so mad in the sense of both meanings of the word. Somebody “Speak to Me“! Please speak to me! I never felt anyone really spoke to me. The true me. Nobody knows me.

Breathe in the Air” is what we as humans must do to live. This album is the human experience in music and lyrics. I never could breathe in the air. I have been trying to breathe my whole life. Something is blocking me from breathing. Fear. I have so much fear my whole life.

My mother taught me one thing…run. She was always “On the Run” when I was young. I never knew when she would take me out of school so we could run away from her husband.

Time” is what I have never had enough of with the people I love. The people who never loved me. I might have been loved by my grandmother, but I cannot be sure it was me or the idea of me that she loved. That is it for me. She was over. She moved on to “The Big Gig In The Sky”. She was gone, then I was alone forever. Never to be loved again.

The minor flaw for me will always be “Money”. It is not a horrible song, but it is my least favorite song on this album. I often skip it when I play the album.

Us and Them” is the saddest song. I have always felt it was me and them. There was never an us against the world. I have always been against them and vice versa.

Making decisions is difficult. “Any Colour You Like” is about the fear of making choices. or the lack of choices we actual have in a functioning society. I never felt as though I made many choices. They were made for me or out of fear I possibly made a few.

I always felt “Brain Damage“. I was born a blue baby. I tried to kill myself in the womb. I did not want to come out alive. I believe it is partly why I am so freaking sad all the time.

There is no dark side of the moon. “Eclipse” is about the good and bad, light and dark and me and them. I have felt like the good and light many times, but I have also felt as if I am the bad and dark too. I have very dark thoughts, but none that I would act upon, at least toward others. I would to myself. 10/10.

6 thoughts on “#292 Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

  1. I agree with Nick. One of the best. And completely full of every deep dark emotion. It has always felt so dark to me as well.

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