#295 Paul McCartney & Wings – Band on the Run

Band on the Run is the fifth album from Paul McCartney after The Beatles broke up. It has been hailed as his best work by many critics. It has two hit songs that I have heard many times. As I stated about Elton John’s album a few post back these songs meant something to me as a child. These are the songs that I can pinpoint that I remember hearing as a child. Everything before this is blurry mess. I am not saying this was not a mess, but this mess has music attached to it.

The two songs that I had heard as a child are “Band on the Run” and “Jet“. They are both great, but the latter is my favourite. I cannot explain how I feel when I hear this song. It sounds like victory! I thought the only lonely face was mine, but I knew the moon was sad too. I was living “Band on the Run”. It was my life with my mother. She was always running, running and running. If we played music it would have made more sense to be on the run. It would explain why we moved so much. In my imagination, we were touring the world, but only a small piece of it. We were like The Partridge Family without the instruments and without the voice to be heard.

My other favourite songs are “Mrs. Vandebilt”, “Bluebird”, “Let Me Roll It“, and especially “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five“. It is a great tune with McCartney singing in a different voice.

The whole album is a masterpiece. All the songs are listenable to awesome. I did not feel the need to skip even my least favorite song. McCartney has elevated himself to the status of superstar with this album. 10/10.

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