#297 Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies

Billion Dollar Babies is the final album from Alice Cooper to make the list of 1001 Albums… I know he has some great songs after this period because I discovered him later in his career. My mother had a 45 of “Only Women Bleed“. I had a record of his song “How You Gonna See Me Now” as a child. It has a memory in it for me. I always felt ugly and I wondered how I would be seen. This song is tied to my memory of my grandmother taking custody of me, then getting cancer and dying. It felt so quick. I did not have enough time. Losing the only person you know loves you is the hardest thing ever. I went to a dark place for a long time.

The biggest hit from album is “No More Mr. Nice Guy“. It is not a bad song at all. Unfortunately, it is not a “School’s Out” type of hit.

Other songs that are worth giving a listen to are “Hello Hooray”, “Unfinished Sweet“, and the humourous “I Love the Dead“.

Overall, I feel this album does not live up to the hype. His previous album on the list was better and I think his album Welcome to My Nightmare is more critically acclaimed. It is not that I hate it, but I do not love it either. 6/10.

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