#300 The New York Dolls

The New York Dolls debut album is one that I have never heard. In fact, I have barely heard of the band. They are the frontrunners in the early punk rock scenes of the 70s. They inspired many punk bands of the later 70s, such as the Sex Pistols, Kiss and the Ramones. Todd Rundgren was the producer of this album. I am surprised it is not weirder.

Personality Crisis” sounds like lead singer David Johansen is screaming a lot, but I kind of like it.

Looking For A Kiss” is the closest they get to a love song. Other songs to listen to are “Vietnamese Baby“, “Frankenstein“, “Trash”, “Subway Train” and maybe my favourite song on the album “Lonely Planet Boy“. Okay, all of the songs are pretty good, even the ones I do not care as much about.

It is a really good album, even though singer Johansen sounds a bit and looks a bit like Mick Jagger. The Dolls are a bit wilder musically than the Stones. 8.9/10.

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