#303 Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

I was not a fan of the previous album from Genesis so I am not sure that I will like The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. This is the last album with Peter Gabriel. Phil Collins will take over the vocals in the next album, but this is the last we will see of Genesis in this list. This album has a concept, but I do not care about it and its concept. 

I feel nothing when I listen to this album until “In the Cage“, which was given Enossification a vocal treatment by Brian Eno. I really like the music in this song. “The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging” was also given the treatment.

The album is over 94 minutes. It is a self-indulgent mess from Gabriel. He is the one with the vision for this concept. Many of the songs are just goofy. 5/10.

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