#306 Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard

Eric Clapton is back after getting off of heroin. 461 Ocean Boulevard is his second solo album. He has had a couple songs that I have liked over the years but he is not a favourite vocally. I find his voice a bit generic.

As I mentioned, I think his voice is generic and I think most of these songs are too. He is a great musician. The songs that I kind of like from them second listen are “Let It Grow“, “Mainline Florida“, and “I Shot the Sheriff” Even his standout songs are due to the music and not the lyrics.

I never knew the hand jive could be so boring until I heard his version of it.”Willie and the Hand Jive” was much better in Grease. It was upbeat and danceable.

Some albums are difficult for me to judge. I know I do not find his voice to be great, but it is great musically. In reality, that might make this album middle of the road, but it is definitely better than that. 6.9/10.

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