#309 Joni Mitchell – Court and Spark

I have tried to like Joni Mitchell, but so far I have not. Maybe Court And Spark could change that feeling of disgust for the artist. I doubt it. I gave her a 2/10 on the last album. I read it was kept from number one position in the top charts by three albums. Maybe it was not kept away so much as it did not deserve number 1.

I have heard one song on here. “Help Me‘ was a staple on the radio back in the 70s. It is a song that I remembered hearing as a child that I actually did not remember until now. If I do not hear again for 100 years it would not bother me. Her voice is too waif like sort of a Taylor Swift, but with some obvious talent for writing poetry. Help me!! I am not impressed.

It goes downhill all the way down to the last song. She is a horrible singer and lyricist. Some of her lyrics are ridiculous. I would rather have my finger nails ripped out. Her voice is awful. 1/10.


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