#310 & #311 Queen – Queen II & Sheer Heart Attack

Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack are two albums from pseudo rock band Queen in 1974. I moved one album up on the list so I could kill two stones with one bird. It is funny because American Idol is having Queen week this week, but this will not publish until later. Maybe I should move it up now. I am not a huge Queen fan. They had a couple great songs. 

First we listen to Queen II. It is weird because this does not sound anything like Queen, at least not what I know of them. Sometimes it does sound like them, but other times it does not sound like them. It is not a thematic album, but it feels like one. It is their hardest album.

I think this album is one of their best. I like many of the songs and was able to listen without skipping any. Maybe I am a little rocker. 9/10.


Sheer Heart Attack is another album from Queen that I have not heard, except for one song “Killer Queen“. It is definitely the best song on the album for radio. The album is more of what Queen sounds like to me. This is their classic sound. It contains a lot of hard rock and glam rock on it.

This album is good, but not as great as Queen II. The songs are really short, especially the ones I like the most. I would listen to it again, but I rather hear their second album more and the hit song “Killer Queen” from this album. 8/10.

3 thoughts on “#310 & #311 Queen – Queen II & Sheer Heart Attack

  1. Luke Hansen told me the other day that Queen II is his favorite Queen album, but most people aren’t familiar with it because it doesn’t have any famous songs on it. I’ve never heard it.

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