#315 Supertramp – Crime Of The Century

Crime Of The Century is the first and only album from Supertramp on the list. Oddly, it is not their biggest album. Their biggest album was released in 1979, Breakfast in America. I do not know any of the titles of their songs, but I know their name.

This is an album for prog and art rock fans. I do not hate, but I do not love it either. It is interesting, but nothing makes me want to hear it over and over. I listened to it a few times because I could not decide what I felt. I think it is more about this day and it has nothing to do with the album. “Bloody Well Right” and “Dreamer” sounds vaguely familiar. The best song for me is “Hide In Your Shell“.

I think it is worth a listen to see what it offers to musical history, especially for prog fans. 7/10.

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