#318 10cc – Sheet Music

10cc has one of the best songs ever, but it is not on the album Sheet Music. The best song is “I’m Not in Love” and it is on The Original Soundtrack. I wonder if this is a case of the wrong album listed in the book of 1001 Albums

This is the weirdest album on the list so far. Is it a joke? I guess this is what they call art rock and avant-pop, which is popular music that is experimental, new, and distinct from previous styles.

I feel as though I am losing momentum with this project of 1001 Albums… It seems like the new few albums will all suck. I will have to push my way through. I cannot give up now. Can I? I have many things on my plate. I have registered for Graduate School. If I am accepted and if I can pay it, then I will be doing it online. By the time you read this I will probably know if I was accepted.

As for the album from 10cc, it is not horrible, but I would never listen to it again. They are talented, but it is so weird. 6/10.

One of their best songs ever.

And their other great song from the 70s.

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