#320 George Jones – The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is the only album from country singer George Jones. Everyone knows I hate country music. I am sure I will hate this as with the next five or six albums in the list of 1001 Albums...

What can I say about this country music? A billion cats died to make it. I would not mind that at all, but there would be a lot of lonely women out there with a cat to keep them company.

His voice is not as bad as most country singers, but I still do not like it. He makes The Cure almost sound happy. This sounds like an album to commit suicide to, especially if you want to be sure for success and you absolutely hate yourself enough to subject yourself to a bit of torture while you prepare the rope and while you hang there struggle to let out the last bit of the Holy Ghost. If this sounds like you, then give it a listen. 5/10.

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