#321 Gene Clark – No Other

Former Byrds‘ member Gene Clark released No Other is 1974 to critical success only. I have not been a fan of The Byrds, but I am willing to give Clark a chance, even though the album is a bit country music. Hopefully, the rock music will be more prevalent. Clark was extremely disappointed in the failure of this album. He thought it was his masterpiece.

I think Clark was correct. He created his masterpiece and the world ignored it at the time. Now, he and the album are recognized for their creativity and musical genius. It is a bit of a downer album, but those are the ones that speak to me the most. Clark died at the young age of 46. His solo album makes me wish I had like The Byrds, but maybe it was the period of the music that I hated.

I cannot choice a few songs so I will say listen to it all. It is worth it, especially “Some Misunderstanding“. Life is filled with misunderstandings. I feel nobody understands me so I can relate to this song. 10/10.


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