#325 Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom

Robert Wyatt, I have never heard of you, but you are old and retired. I have never heard of your album Rock Bottom either. All this makes me suspicious that you suck, at least musically. I do know you personally, so I cannot say otherwise. Wyatt was the drummer for Soft Machine. They were reviewed in 1970s part of this list. This album was recorded following a 1973 accident which left Wyatt a paraplegic. He was inebriated when the accident happened. I find it hard to feel sorry for him.

The first two songs “Sea Song” and “A Last Straw” sucked. He is not a vocalist. Why is this album on the list? Is it because he is crippled? He cannot sing. The is like watch a car wreck and you cannot stop it. Why did I give myself this challenge? 2/10.



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