#328 The Dictators – Go Girl Crazy!

The Dictators‘ Go Girl Crazy! is new for me. I have never heard of either the band nor their album. This band is another proto-punk band. Punk is not a type that I have intended knowledge in, but it is a genre I have listened to off and on.

If you like punk at all or some form of it in it different waves, then I suggest you try out this band. They are punk. It has the punk sound that I would become accustomed to later in music history. It reminds me of Madness a bit. I keep waiting to hear them say, “One Step Beyond”.

Their songs remind me of so many different bands I have heard. I like that they covered “I Got You Babe” from Sonny & Cher. At times, I am reminded of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I am almost positive she has listened to this band.

This is a masterpiece of music history. I would recommend it to those who love punk and those who have not heard much of it. If I had to choose a song that I would skip it would be “(I Live For) Cars and Girls“. It is so goofy. 10/10.

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