#333 David Bowie – Young Americans

David Bowie has another album Young Americans on the list and a few more down the way. He was one of the most influential artist in the 70s. This album veers away from his previous glam rock sound and hits the blue-eyed soul that will be popular with artists like Hall & Oates. Bowie worked with John Lennon on two songs, and a young Luther Vandross on backing vocals and David Sanborn on saxophone.

The album kicks into high gear with “Young Americans” one of my many favourite Bowie songs. My other favourite song is “Fame“.

Bowie sounds great in “Win” and “Can You Hear Me?” a real slow burning love song. Some of the songs, especially “Fascination” sits on the fence between soul and disco. And some songs are a complete miss like “Across the Universe”.

The album is great, but not as great as Bowie can be and not as bad as he can be. I think when he is weird, then he is at his best. This album seems almost normal for a Bowie album. Luckily, we have “Young Americans” and “Fame” to save it. 8.5/10.

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