#335 Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

Born to Run is not an album I know from Bruce Springsteen. I did not come into my knowledge of “The Boss” until later in life. I heard there was a boss, but it was not until 1987’s “Tunnel of Love” that I liked a song of his.

Thunder Road” is rock and roll. Springsteen has become the new storyteller for the working class.

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” is funny because I thought he was saying “Tenth Devil In Freeze-Out”. I wonder of it was a street he was walking down and it was cold or maybe he was froze out by a girl.

`Cause tramps like us, baby we were “Born to Run” is one of the most iconic songs ever. This is my favourite song on the album, but all the songs are great.

It engages your ears with pleasant sounds on the first song and does not let go until the last song. Springsteen career depended on this album and he delivered 100%. He gives us his all lyrically and vocally. 10/10.

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