#339 Tom Waits – Nighthawks at the Diner

I have heard of Tom Waits, but I have not heard his album Nighthawks at the Diner. My knowledge of Waits comes from my friend Eric. We used to listen to Primus and waits sings with them on one of their songs. Eric listened to a lot of new music for me. He was more advanced, or rather more knowledgable in obscure music. We had a love of music. He was my first real best friend as an adult or rather I thought he was my best friend. None of my best friends ever stayed around long. I cared more for him than anyone at that time in my life. He is now a “Facebook friend”. Our lives went into different directions. I still miss him or maybe it is the thought of him. I think the first time I heard Waits was on the Primus song “Tommy the Cat“. Back to Wait’s album, it is a live album. Why? I hate live albums. I hate people clapping even if the audience is fake and fake clapping.

Waits does everything that one wishes for in an artist. He engages his audience in his chain smoking gruff voice. I am not saying he got the voice from smoking, but it sounds like it. He tells off-colour jokes and sings the bluesy jazz songs that make the listeners laugh and cry. There is sometime endearing about Waits, like a weird uncle who visits from time to time. I like when he sings, but I hate the live atmosphere. 7/10.

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