#340 R.D.Burman / Bappi Lahiri – Shalimar / College Girl

R.D.Burman / Bappi Lahiri and their albums Shalimar / College Girl are listed in the book together because it is believed they are sold only together as one Bollywood album. The other problem is it is listed as being released in 1978. For the purpose of this review I will only review R.D.Burman’s Shalimar since the book’s focus is his album. To be honest, I hate Bollywood and music of India.

I put this in the category of Joan Baez and country music, but maybe worse. It hurts my ears. I hate the woman’s whiney voice. I hate the music and the weird instrument that sounds like it is a creaky old rocking chair. Skip it. 0/10.

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