#342 Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks

Blood On The Tracks is Bob Dylan’s return to the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear… I wonder if it can be any good since he has been away for a season. I think he had a few misses in the previous years. Or this list is crazy as usual. The album is believed to be about his relationship with his first wife Sara, the mother of Dylan’s son Jakob Dylan. Dylan denies it.

As soon as the first chord begins on “Tangled Up in Blue” I can tell this will be great. Other songs which I like are “Simple Twist of Fate“, “You’re a Big Girl Now“, “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go“, and “Buckets of Rain“.

I have not listened to the albums that are not listed from Bob Dylan, but I can imagine they were not as good as his greatest ones. Every artist has a bad album or more, even Dylan. I will listen to them later. I think this is a great come back if that is really what it is. He has at least two more appearances on the list so there is hope he can do better than this album. Dylan knows how to make his words relatable, but I think the music or maybe the length of the songs are the downfall. Overall I think this is an amazing album, but not a masterpiece. 9/10.

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