#343 Patti Smith – Horses

Patti Smith‘s Horses is the only appearance of the female punker on the list. This is her debut album. I do know a song by her “Because the Night” which was co-written by Bruce Springsteen. It is on her third album Easter. This album, I have never heard any of the songs until today.

Her voice is easy to listen to for being a punk rock artist. I think her lyrics can be considered controversial, especially on the first song “Gloria“. She begins with the line “Jesus died for somebody’s sins / But not mine”. If we are all to get on with each other, then why do we make fun of each others religious beliefs or lack of? Should we be more accepting? When people make statements like Smith, it is usually to be controversial for the sake of pushing people’s button. It is all a gimmick. It can only take you so far in a career in music.

I think this is a really good album. I think the album on a whole should be listen to in the context of the mid 70s and punk exploding onto the scene. No more peace, love, and understanding. We are in the age of aggression, promiscuous sex and “me”. Punk stripped down everything that was built in the 60s. Smith was one of the female forerunners of the movement.

I could not really find many songs that I would separate from the album as highlights, except “Free Money” and “Kimberly“. Instead, I recommend listening to the whole album. 7/10.

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