#344 Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and Animals are almost easily missed since they are somewhere between the juggernaut album Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. It has been called a tribute to Syd Barrett. He left the band seven years prior to the recording of this album. He had mental health problems. Don’t we all?

I have PTSD and ADHD. I think some of my have been caused by my being a blue baby. I joke that I tried to kill myself in the womb. I knew what I was coming out to before I was born. I am not sure it is a joke. I never wanted to live. It is my strongest memory of my childhood. I often wonder when will I actually do it. It seem inevitable.

How I Wish You Were Here” You know who you are. I will always wish it.

This is a masterpiece. No, it is not like their previous album. It is more musical and less singing. The music is incredible. They were extremely talented. I like that they tried new things. Even though Roger Waters appears to be a jerk of a human, he is still a musical genius. They were all better together than they were separately. All the songs are great. Listen to it on Spotify. 10/10.

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