#350 The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers

The Modern Lovers were a proto-punk band that played hard and quickly quit. Their self-titled album was not released until 1976, four years after it was recorded and two years after they broke up. John Cale produced six of the songs. David Robinson would join The Cars after they broke up.

Roadrunner” and “Pablo Picasso” are probably one of the best known songs. Both songs are awesome, but the latter is probably my favourite. Lead singer Jonathan Richman is singing about a real man who is not an asshole to the girls. He also sings about not having a trashy girl in “Someone I Care About”.

Overall, I wish I had heard this album so many more times before today. It is incredible. I do not use the word love for things, but I love this album. I like every song on it. I would not skip any of them. Writer, singer and electric guitar player Richman was a genius. He created an album of gems that was mostly lost on the whole world. 10/10.

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