#351 David Bowie – Station to Station

I get excited when I see David Bowie on the list of 1001 Albums... He was everything that us mere mortals could not yet be…ourselves. Station to Station was his persona the Thin White Duke. You may say he was not himself, but I think all of his characters are pieces of himself. I feel it inside of myself that there are many different characters. I have been many different people to many different people. This album was a move back toward Europe after the very American funk and soul album Young Americans. Bowie would complete the move into Europe with the Berlin Trilogy in 1977 to 1979.

“Station to Station” gives you an idea of what Bowie will sound like on his album Low. He is moving away from the funk and he has incorporated “krautrock” into his music.

Golden Years” is one of Bowie’s best songs. It does have a feeling of Young Americans era. He offered the song to Elvis Presley, but the King declined it. I wonder how that would have sounded. Maybe Johnny Cash should have butchered it.

The whole album is worth listening to, especially the above mentioned songs, “Word on a Wing“, and “TVC 15“. It is short on songs, but filled with greatness of songs.

Wild Is The Wind” sounds like a man at the end of his life, but I like it.

This is one of Bowie’s masterpieces. He was an alien ahead of his time. 10/10.

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